Essence of Meg

Once in a blue moon I manage to capture a moment on film that captures the soul of a person. In the set of photos I picked up this afternoon, I found one of those photos waiting for me. Everyone that *really* knows Megan and has seen this picture has all said the same thing -- "That is just so Meg. That picture truly conveys her little personality all in one grin."

We had been painting (which is fairly obvious) and Megan, as is her way, really got into her project. She had painted in just her diaper. I forget why but I was about to change her when Logan asked for the art box. It was easier to start her already half-undressed than give her new clothes to drench in paint. When we were done, as is also our custom, Megan was headed for a bath. I was gathering up towels and bubbles while she, it turns out, was running away and hiding. I heard her giggle. I grabbed the camera that was still nearby -- I had photographed Logan's painting with paint bubbles, and I found her. She was in Logan's room, palms up as they are when she asks her favorite question, "Where go?"

"Where did what go? What are you looking for?" I asked her.

She pointed to herself and said "Where baby?"

She saw the camera. She gave me a grin and a "cheese!" I put the camera down and told her I liked the "where go" face better than the cheesey smile. So she did it for me - she posed...and in that moment of cooperation I captured this:


Stephanie Davies said...

That photograph is so unbelievably cute and darling, it almost makes me consider having another baby. How incredibly cute!! Those eyes are just adorable...what a proud momma you must be. Although, I'm sure getting all that paint off was all kinds of fun!

Thanks for sharing that!

kenju said...

Sandy, what a wonderful photo of a cute and precious child. She has a sense of humor too? What more could you ask!

Michele sent me.

kontan said...

you have a personality on your hands! so cute!!!

Cath said...

That is such an awesome picture!

sage said...

wonderful picture!

Mandy said...

Sandy, where DID the baby go? She is looking so grown up! What a beautiful (and slightly impish) little girl you have there.

Carmi said...

The magical moments of a semi-planned mess. This is why we decided to have kids.

Thanks for posting this. It's priceless.

Ash said...

This picture is just so adorable! Priceless and one you will treasure for ages!
Great post!
Here from Michele's :)

Zee said...

How adorable!!! You must make that a bigger pic and frame it. It's priceless!