Short is sweet

Bossman got some kind of nifty-little handheld device that let's him recieve and send all his email, all the time, in all the many places he goes. It used to be about waiting impatiently for him to get in front of his PC and wade through a bazillion emails so he can respond to our various burning questions.

Now he gets it. He reads it. He responds. Sometimes it's almost instant.

But better than that - that little, itty, bitty keyboard he's got to work with now? It means he only sends short messages.

Short messages are good messages.

Short messages are rarely laden with piles of work.

Short messages are rarely berating.

Short messages are typically of the "Good job. Go with it." variety.

Cohorts and I discussed this today. In fact it came up with each short message we got today. We've voted.

We want bossman to have the itty bitty keyboard hooked up to his laptop.


jude said...

It's all fine and dandy until bossman thinks everyone needs one so they can respond with their own short sweet words of wisdom...

Carmi said...

There's beauty in brevity. It forces the writer to focus only on the words that advance the thought, and nothing more.

It's a gift I wish I had. Maybe a BlackBerry would help :)