Something to work on

When Megan naps, it's special "Logan time." He likes to play board games. We play some that are geared to his age -- Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, the Junior Great States game, etc. And then we play some "big kid" games that he likes to try out. Checkers and so forth. So we're playing the game of LIFE -- well pretending to play. Logan cheats.

He lands on a square where he needs to get a new career. So he picks a new card. He went from being a computer consultant to an athlete. He points to the blonde gal standing next to the athlete on his card and says:

"Look! I got a new wife!"


Of course later, when relating the story to Daddy, Logan would roll his eyes and say, "It was just pretend! Geesh!"


Shane said...

another case of art imitating reality.
~hopefully he'll get it right the first time in real life.
~did i say michele sent me

Gelukkig said...
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kontan said...

too cute!

here from michele's

Jess Riley said...

Hi Sandy! Jess here. And I just have to say that I cheated at Candyland when I was 4. Sad.

Michele sent me. :)

kenju said...

I wish I had written down all the cute things my kids said. I'd have a lot of material for the blog!

Michele sent me.

Karen said...

Cute story. That game cracks me up because it's so crazy. Kids love it, but it is so far from reality.

Michele sent me....