So you think you're funny

The kids and I headed out to the craft store a bit ago to fill our afternoon with something other than the same-old-same-old. We drove the same route we drive every time we go to this particular strip mall. We pass the same neighborhoods and the same landmarks.

Today, however, I took notice of a street sign I'd not noticed before. The main road of the condo complex across the street from the Mall is named Penny Layne. My mind quickly moved from the repetitive chorus of Dora's "Vamonos" ditty it'd been beating me up with to the Beatles classic. I smiled and started to hum outloud.

"Why are you singing that?" asked Logan who was still intent on ripping off Dora by chanting "Where are we going? Crafty store!" ad nauseum.

I started to think back to other street signs I've passed over the years. My smile got even bigger with the irony of one in particular - it's symbolism on a daily basis, as well as for the moment.

The road? "Memory Lane."

It's destination? A cemetery.

A group of us discovered Memory Lane shortly after becoming legal drivers. We were highly amused and kept entertaining ourselves by driving out to it every so often the summer we graduated High School. We'd get out of the car and take photos of ourselves in front of the gates. We'd giggle and try to freak one another out with stories about the lightening bugs really being ghostly eyes. We'd run for the safety of our cars and take off before "they could get us."

One night we decided that it was awfully disrepectful to use the cemetery for our amusement. We needed to have a purpose there. We walked amongst the headstones and looked for one that seemed welcoming. The friend we made that night, if I recall correctly, had a picture of himself on the headstone. I can't even recall his name any more (perhaps one of the others can) but I remember visiting him. I remember talking to him as if we were old friends - taking the stroll with him down "Memory Lane."

What roads tell a story for you?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Gee, I have to really think about that...Not sure I can come up with it at this very moment, but I'll give it some heavy thought!

I'm here from Michele today..and happy to meet you!

honestyrain said...

i really enjoyed reading this and i love the proverb you have at the top. there was a cemetary a friend and i used to go to but we went for the express purpose of getting to know the inhabitants. it was fascinating, thinking of who these people were.

here via michele's and i will be back on my own.

Plain Jane said...

What a beautiful photo on your blog - I love it.

I have to say, I've moved around so much I don't think there is a physical road out there that I can speak to. I do have a fondness for frequenting cemetaries on beautiful sunny days, and reading the inscriptions though. I have a whole photo collection from my last trip (on my Flickr page).

Thanks for sharing your story. Here from Michele's.

Zachary said...

there is a street here in my town and its named after me but thats the only one i can think of off the top of my head

michele sent me

meeta said...

here via Michele :)

I've never really thought of this. I know that my best friend used to live down the street from Easy Street, and we both wanted to live there.

WendyWings said...

Hmm not sure I have a road :)
Michele sent me today.

Lazy Daisy said...

Love the photo and they way you start your post. Michele sent me.

LilRed said...

Michele sent me! Happy to meet you (so to speak). Good blog!

Your question about what street brings back memeories has prompted something that I may use as a post of my own (giving full props to you, of course). I'll let you know what I come up with.

surcie said...

You've got a great blog here! I found it via Michele.

Romanduck said...

I think the street that would bring back the most memories for me is called East Hill. Not nearly as poetic as Memory Lane or even poetic at all. hehe. Thanks! MSM

David said...

I love sailing - rowing would be ok too
Michele sent me - and i have a new template to show off, woo hoo

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Haven't come up with it yet!
I love the look of your Boat & The Sea!!! Really Evocitive!

Here from Michele today!

panthergirl said...

Memory Lane!! Good one.

For me, it's Johnson Avenue. My father used to drive us there and threaten to leave us at the slaughterhouse if we didn't behave. Isn't that a warm and fuzzy story? ;)

Here via michele!!

margalit said...

Well, it's probably not what you wanted, but we used to live around the corner from Anis Lane, and I'm sorry, every time I went by it I cracked up. Can you imagine buying a house on Anis Lane? OK, it's better than Anus Lane, but still...

Michel sent me.

Melody said...

Hi Sandy - here from Michele's today...

I grew up on a road called 'Kookaburra Drive' in rural Australia. It was just off 'Koala Drive' and opposite 'Bacon Avenue'. Yes, we saw lots of kookaburra's, koalas and Old Mrs. Bacon! (She was like 90!)