Who knew

- The goal of this morning's spin class was to keep your heartrate at 80% - not 85%, not 75%. 80. Today I learned I could control my heartrate and keep it where I wanted it with concentration and breathing. Who knew?

- Meg has always hated being wrapped in a towel after her bath. She particuarly hates having it cover her head. Last night I put the hood part over her hair and set her on her feet. I told her to run and show Daddy super baby. Apprently, Megan loves her new cape. When it was removed from her head so her PJs could go on, she lost track of it. She came searching for me, turned her little palms up to the sky (elbows bent in and tucked neatly to her sides), she shrugged and said "Mama? Towel? Air go?" We found it. She demanded "Hat peas!" (say it outloud it'll make sense) and then took off down our hallway yelling "Ooper Baby!" All it took to get this 16-month old peacefully dried was a little imaginiation. Who knew?

- As a typical three-year old, Logan has the tendancy to over-react to things sometimes. And as your typical, sometimes frustrated mom, I have a tendency to repeat the same matras when he does so. Last night Logan took a walk with his grandparents. Papa, although an incredibly hands-on gentle grandfather, can be a bit impatient and sometimes forgets what's like to be three. Logan's walks have two paces - run ahead of everyone or dwadle behind. That frustrates Papa. The trip around the block included my father repeating himself several times: Logan! Don't run, hold up. Logan! Come on, stop dwadling. Let's go! He snapped one of those phrases off within 5 houses from home. Logan stopped. He put his hands on his hips and he said, "Papa, you really have to learn to relax." Guess sometimes he listens to me more than I realize. Who knew?

- One of my hobbies, one that consumes me sometimes, is taking photographs. I'm a digital hold out. Honestly, I adore my Nikon SLR and I very much don't want to part with it until I can afford it's digital counterpart. And then today I read that Nikon is backing away from film - as are so many other companies. I have to be honest, while I don't consider myself an early adopter of technology, I'm rarely one of the ones left holding onto the dinosaur in denial. For some reason I have with digital photography. I've joined onto every other technical revolution before getting shoved out the door - but perhaps not this time. Who knew?

- There are roughly 33 days left until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. They think it's going to snow here this week yet the new baseball season is just around the corner. For me that's a sign - more than red breasted robins, more then early flowering bulbs - arms warming up in Florida so they're ready for an April opening day. Winter feels like it's just begun sometimes and yet it's nearing an end. Granted there's a lot of bluster and cold, perhaps even a lot of snow, left in the old man, but at least there's light at the end of the tunnel.


Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong) said...

Wow, I LOVE your blog. I will be back for sure.

Michele sent me... have a great weekend rowing.

Chrixean said...

My son had always hated putting anything on his head when he was a baby. he was somehow sensitive about how people or objects touched his head. good thing he grew out of it.
here from michele's!

Tara said...

Mine has a Dora the Explorer hoodie yowel. It's always an adventure, lol.
Michele sent me!

ribbiticus said...

thanks for the tip. now i know what i can look forward to when i do get my own. :)

michele sent me today.

Stephanie Davies said...

Gosh your posts bring back memories for me :) Mine is 8 years old now, but I remember those days :D I'm really glad I found your blog today at Michele's! Keep up the great work on it!! And I LOVE your template!

Mike said...

My son is 22 now so it has been a long time since I gave him a bath but I remember the struggle. Michele sent me.

Carmen said...

Patience is some times hard to come by.

Michele sent me. ;)

Laura GF said...

Hello, Michele sent me! I loved your story about Meg. My daughter's ten and a half months old now -- it's incredible to think she could be speaking that well in half a year!

Zee said...

I love your new layout!

Don't you just LOVE what our kids bring to us each day? :)

I don't usually take spin. Next spin class I'll keep that in mind. Might help!

Cath said...

The kids just sound so cute!
I have a Nikon DSLR and love it!!

Cath said...

You've been tagged!!