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I was going to spend the evening uploading songs to my Shuffle. I figured I'd browse a few blogs first and then start hunting and pecking through the stack of CDs I ended up buying once upon a time for that *one* song only to discover I wasn't a big fan of the rest of the CD. I was giddy. I was going to get to hear my songs without having to hear the rest of the crap I got stuck with!

Yet blogs had another plan for me. I came across a link to Drop Shots and have since spent the last hour and half hunting around for saved MPEG files I feel like uploading and sharing with the masses. Alas, I've ended up with two files saved on my PC that are small enough to upload. Neither will you see here. :)

The first is of my little man swimming with the aid of a water noodle. As adorable and wonderful as that is, you are not going to see *me* in a swimsuit and since I'm the one in the pool watching over little man, the video will not appear here. The other clip is loaded with lots of other people that aren't here to say "sure show the strangers my face" and a big arm that blocks my kid most of the time. Instead I uploaded the two videos to my newest toy, er web site joy, and sent off the invite to my Outlook address book because, yes, I am obnoxious like that.

In place of video, I will bore you with this list:

1. - my oldest was never a big climber. He was able to hoist his toddlerself up onto chairs and sofas. He could do more, I'm sure, but he never cared to. The little one, however, is an imp. This evening she took great joy in scrambling up onto my coffee table. It's become her place to sit in the living room. What the hell?!

2. One reason we love my newly acquainted cousin is because of her inability to guess my proper age. As we sat around the funeral home last weekend the conversation between Cousin, her daughter H and me went like this:

C - I told H that she was going to meet you and you were about her age.
H - So I said "You mean she's 19" and she said that you were about 20 or 21.
C - But then I thought about it and said you had two little kids so you might actually be a little older. Maybe 24? No more than 27. So how old are you?
Me - I'm 32 and I love you.

3. After a long day of playing, indoor picnicking and crafting with kids, I decided to take a short break yesterday afternoon. The littlest troublemaker was busy amusing herself with her Little People. The oldest troublemaker was busy telling the littlest how to play with the Little People. I settled in to check email.

The moment my fingers started to peck at the keyboard, Logan appeared at my side. He wanted to sit on my lap.

"No," I told him firmly. "Every time you do that you try to help me too much. You can not type to my boss. I'm working." (Which was only half true, but shush, don't tell. He's only 3 and half, what he doesn't know won't hurt me.)

He sat on the ledge that separates our kitchen from the sunroom we were in. He folded his hands across his chest and glared at me. "This is NOT fair! You got your way last time. I think it's my turn to win. I am very frustrated! I am NOT happy!" he declared. Now where does he get THAT from?

4. We went to the store yesterday to stock up on crafts. One of the projects we were looking for put us in close proximity to the Thomas the Tank Engine stock. Logan stopped to look at it. I, not waiting for him to ask, told him that he was in no way, shape or form going to get a train today.

"I'm just looking," he insisted. Then he started making the list - he wanted that, he wanted that and he wanted that...and maybe that...and that too.

I reminded him again - no toys today.

"Geesh, Mom! I'm just wishing. I'm wishing outloud. Relax."

I thought the eye-rolling and whatnot wasn't supposed to start this young.

5. And while we're at it - I'm tinkering with another bloggy-toy. Want to join me:


The Cryer said...

Yep, the eye-rolling does start early. Of course I refuse to believe that my child learned the eye-rolling from me...

Michele sent me! Cheers!

Thumper said...

LOL Wishing out loud...and a quick thinker to boot.

Here via Michele's tonight :)

Kat said...

I'm starting to think that the iPod might be the best thing ever invented. And I totally know what you mean about buying CDs for one song and the rest of the CD being awful! Thank God for music downloads so we can avoid all that now!

Shane said...

i know whatya mean. i think the only kind of music (for me) where I know you can't go wrong with the whole c.d. is either classical, or Hawaiian music.

great blog header!

thanks for visiting my site.

kontan said...

i love your header!

ah yes the eye rolling...irritating isn't it.

Crazy MomCat said...

I so wish I had an Ipod. I dream about it! I'll have to check out your mad blogging link too.

Michele sent me.