Confessions and stuff

- I strongly support the practice of sleep training.

- I am not an advocate of one type of program over another. I think each child responds differently and therefore there is room for variety.

- That said, we have not [successfully] sleep trained the 16 month old. She still is up at least once in the night most nights.

- If we attempt anything involving crying for a stretch, she will literally win the battle by puking all over herself and her crib. If we attempt anything that requires standing within her line of site without picking her up, she stands, screams and almost works herself into a tizzy that would lead to self-induced wretching except we pick her up.

- We've read through our options. We've attempted most of them. We're going to start cycling through them again soon because she's nearly figured out how to climb out of the crib which means soon we'll be moving on to the toddler bed.

- Toddler beds are not well suited to children that can't fall asleep and stay asleep on their own. At least not to me.

- I view my blog a bit like a cyber-diary with voyeuristic attributes.

- I never proofread my childhood diaries.

- I don't often proof this one before hitting post.

- The idea of proofing and editing a journal makes me feel restricted or something I just can't put my finger on.

- Yet if I read through a posted entry and find annoying little mistakes I end up going back and fixing them after the fact.

- Apparently it bugs me more than I realize because I'm bothering to confess it to you today.

- Turning down a promotion can sometimes turn out to be a good thing.

- I seem to be getting the extra hours I wanted, the responsibilities I would have gotten and perhaps even a higher rate of pay. All of it under my terms.

- The biggest perk is being out of the direct line of fire when Bossman is in a snit.

- I have other things I could share but I'm being paged to play or something motherly like that and besides I think this is getting sort of too long.

Happy Friday. What do you want to confess?


surcie said...

I have one child, and I know I was completely spoiled by him. He was sleeping through the night be 3 months. Now that I contemplate having a second child, I KNOW I'll get a kid who doesn't sleep through morning until age 2.

I don't see my post errors until after I've posted. So, I guess we're in the same boat.

Lazy Daisy said...

Thanks for stopping by my site via Michele and for your words of encouragement. Writing is an outlet for me so I choose to write about my experience rather than seek comfort from my buddies (Ben and Jerry). Hang in there with being consistent with your child ....it will pay off.

Shannon said...

I confess that my 2 yr old daughter sleeps in a twin siz bed, and falls asleep on the couch everynight. if we tried the whole go to bed awake thing once, we tried a million times- we do what works.

Shannon said...

ps- Michele sent me

YellowRose said...

Well, it's been a long time but both my kids slept very well from the beginning...Thank God!! We were lucky! As for confessing anything.....let's see....I'm developing a fondness for chocolate martini's, maybe alittle too much! ;)

Michele sent me!

thatgirl said...

Meg's probably too young just yet, but I'm intrigued by Supernanny's method of keeping a kid in his/her bed. You just keep putting them down when they get up, and sit in their room, with your head down, not engaging. Eventually they learn that they won't be able to get up anymore.

Of course, as I said, that's for an older kid. But I've been trying a modified version with W, before he was sick. Or between the two sicknesses. I'd be in his room, he'd get up in his crib, I'd lay him back down, he'd get mad and scream and cry and get up, I'd lay him back down, he'd get up, I'd lay him back down ... you get the picture. If he gives us trouble with night wakings (this is when he jumps awake after I've nursed him and try to put him back down, thinking he's asleep), I might just try it again. It might take FOREVER one night, and perhaps the next one, but I would think he'd learn eventually. I'm hoping, anyway -- if it comes to that.

Blah blah blah. This probably doesn't help you!

Mandy said...

Nothing all that shocking in any of the confessions. When do we hear the *real* dirt? ;)

Oh, L still doesn't sleep through the night in his own bed and he falls asleep on the sofa. I suck, but it works right now.

Pink Pen said...

It's not friday, but I need to confess. I've taken on more freelance jobs than I can handle and I have to give one up. And I'm giving up the one that pays better, but makes me unhappy. Worse, not only does it make me unhappy to do the work, but when I see it in print, and what the so-called proofreaders have done to it, it makes me even more unhappy. I don't need that anymore. The money isn't worth it.

Pshew. Glad to get that off my chest. Thanks! Glad Michele sent me :)