Things I'm loving today

1. Megan has stayed (and more importantly enjoyed her stay) in child care at the gym for the last three days - two of them for Grandma and now one for me.

2. Heart monitors - I love knowing how hard or not hard I'm working out. Somehow just feeling hot and sweaty isn't a good indicator.

3. My little Shuffle - Typically I'm not a brand-snob, but gosh how glad I am that I allowed myself to get sucked into the iPod hype.

4. Armbands for the aforementioned Shuffle - I bought a velcro wrap with a hard plastic pocket for my silcon skin wrapped gum sized player. I strap it on my upper arm, nestle the ear phones in my ears and start my tredmill walk.

5. Close captioning - I could listen to Norah Jones and watch the highlights on ESPN all at the same time. Now if it were only baseball season and not basketball I'd have been in work-out nirvana.


Carmi said...

I sheepishly admit falling victim to iPoditis as well. Our company bought us all Shuffles for Christmas (oops, gotta be PC: "the holidays") and I've been addicted ever since.

The coolest aspect is the ease with which I can drop podcasts onto the thing when I first wake up, then listen to 'em on the lovely walk into the office. It's like I get 40 minutes to myself to reconnect with whatever topic interests me that moment.

Or I can simply rock out. Whatever.

Bless Steve Jobs.

Killired said...

hi! here from michele's and i love those heart monitors too! i dont have an ipod... hubby has an iRiver and said i should get one of those... who knows...

im going to come back later and read the parenting related posts!

kontan said...

gotta take time to shop for that ipod! and i love norah jones!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't have an iPod and not sure I'll get one...but, I LOVE Closed Captioning, too for the same reasons you mentioned...I can be doing something else..Listening, that is...and read what's happening!

Maybe I need an iPod, too....Hmmmmm.

Guppyman said...

No iPod. No workout. Probably should have both, but....

Instead I blog.

Michele says Howdy!

Mandy said...

but but but...I want an IPOD too!!!

I got an MP3 player for xmas, but apparently brand name wasn't important to the giver (my husband). I can't seem to get the thing figured out.