To match a mood

Let's be honest. I have been known to have the attention span of a child. I get bored easily. I need variety in my world. I confess to being a tad bit mercurial.

When I had downloaded the "Let it Snow" template from Aspixiated I thought I might just leave it throughout the winter. Then the holidays came and went. Suddenly I was done with snow flakes drifting across my space in the Blogosphere. I needed something new.

I spent more time than I meant to looking at dozens of different site designs last night. I found a number I felt 'at home' with. I even requested the zip file of one of those, but while I was waiting for it to appear in my Yahoo inbox, I found this template from Devonshire Design.

Just five days into the new year, and 2006 has already proven it's ready to offer me some challenges. I've met them and at least so far, worked through them. When I had no wind, I've found a way to row. This template speaks volumes for me at the moment and so now it's dressing my little cyber-home.

Who knows how long my mood will stay here. I've got a few other bloggity looks up my sleeve waiting for the right moment. Waiting for my attention to sway their way. For now, anyway, this one is it. May it be the start of a good journey in 2006.

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Maryanne said...

Hello there, I come straight from Michelle's. I love your blog design, I think it's a keeper. I am also impressed with your posts. Keep up the good work, I'll be visiting often.