Book lovers paradise

Over a year ago they broke ground for a new library wing. They opened it sometime in 2005 and promptly shut down the 'old' wing for renovation. We were forced into what some area towns would still consider a large-ish nice facility. It wasn't, however, as complete as we'd known. Brighter. More modern, but not the same.

They shut down the entire place a few weeks ago. They broke through the temporary walls that divided the old from the new. Today they opened up the new and improved library. I'm in love.

More importantly, the kids are in love. We braved the huge crowds. Toured around some. Got hugs from a teenager dressed up in a Biscuit the dog suit, at least Megan did. Logan prefered to watch the dog from a distance. Megan thought it'd be fun to pull the dog's tail.

They picked out their books. They sat and tried out the reading spaces. They laid out their plan of attack for their next visit.

Next week the library will host a traveling dinosaur museum. We're already making our plans.


mar said...

Wonderful! I love libraries. Here via Michele's tonight.

Carmi said...

My, how I wish my burg had a library like this. What a magical place - and what a magical recollection. Enjoy!

Mandy said...

That's it. I am definitely coming to visit. We can go see Wicked and then take the kids to your library.