A ha!

I heard a lot today about the success rate (or lack thereof) of resolutions. Let's just say it's not encouraging. Then I heard something rather wise - don't resolve. Search for the epiphany.

Now, when I hear that word - epiphany - I always think back to a High School English class. There at the front of the room is an energized teacher suddenly hopping up, finger pointed high in the air, eyebrows raised, and a rather loud "A HA!" bellowing from deep within. Ah, yes, the moment of clarity.

Of course, the person urging the search for clarity this morning was speaking in a spiritual sense, but I think we ought to take it beyond that. Clearly there won't be startling eye opening moments every day. I think we ought to seek the big "A ha!" (or several of them), as well as the smaller "Oh, yeah, now I get it" occurrences. In other words, we ought to devote ourselves today, the clean slate on the calendar if you will, to a year of continual learning and discovery.

Certainly your traditional resolutions can be twisted into this mold, and maybe, even prove more successful from this vantage. Perhaps it's easier to loose weight when we discover what makes us fail at doing so. Perhaps we are better able to manage our time when we learn to understand our limitations and our comfort with saying "no."

So today I resolve to seek and to understand. I don't aim to drop pounds, control debt, be happier, be lighter, be more of anything. I simply aim to seek clarity and wisdom.


Prego said...

Are you listening to Sting again?

Just kidding, Your insight was well put. I made a resolution or two this year. I want to be a little more prolific with my cartooning. Dropping a few Lbs. wouldn't hurt either... but generally, I don't plan on any drastic changes. I think beginning with the end, or a proactive approach to self-improvement is pretty wise.

Good luck. Here via Michele today.

Plumkrazzee said...

Michele sent me. Very wise, and very true.

Karen said...

Clarity and wisdom - excellent goals and much more attainable...in my book at least. Hope you find both...and many more.

Michele sent me...

Stephanie Davies said...

I agree...most resolutions don't stick with us very long. Which is why I haven't made any this year myself! But your post was really well put. Maybe if we can understand ourselves and our situations better, maybe we can start to make more positive changes! I wish you the best of luck in that regard for the coming year.

Joe said...

I totally agree! Great post.

Here via Michele.