Deep exhale

Every year my company has a big raucous company meeting to kick-off the year. Traditionally we kick it off late...as in we tend to end up doing it in February. This year was no exception. We met last week.

For your average person this is no big deal. In fact, it might even be a bit of a respite. Instead of going about the daily grind, you get to sit in a swanky hotel ballroom listening to a few speeches, having a great lunch and playing some "build team spirit" HR designed games.

But that's not me. Part of my job, you see, is organizing the big to-do. Not just one big to-do, but two of them. The 'day after', ever single year, is also my departmental kick-off - another big deal. I've got meeting space to book, A/V equipment to allocate, speeches to proof, and PowerPoints to design. It means I work one extra day and one day so long it may as well be two days.

It's exhausting.

And now it's over.

Here me breathe that big sigh of relief. Life can now return to normal. . .until the next big to-do which looks like it'll fall in June at the latest.





Jean-Luc Picard said...

You sound like you're glad it's over!

Michele sent me here.

zazzafooky said...

I'm always one of the attendees wishing for a clean exit out! ... and I think it's the games that do me in ;-)

I feel for ya having to plan them, I can only imagine how tiring.

srp said...

They should put on a get together just for you. Or better yet, let you have some extra days off with pay of course. Here from Michele.

Carmi said...

I'm always happy that my company - and every company, it seems - has folks who know how to plan and execute major events. I would collapse in fear if I were ever in that position.

Thank goodness for people like you. You deserve a good long rest.