In like a lion

March arrives next week and so I'm going to assume today's outside performances are simply an early arrival of the spring lion. It's not windy here. It's down right blustery. Cold. Howling. Strong. Bluster.

Yesterday, however, the yards on our block were loaded with birds. Not just any birds (well ok, some of them were "just any" birds) but robins. I always know spring is knocking at the door when:

1. my tulip and daffodil bulbs start to appear - check.
2. pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training - check (and a big YIPEE!)
3. my yard fills up with red-breasted robins poking around for grub (literally and figuratively, of course) - check!

Logan noticed them first. "MOM! Look, there are thousands of birds out there. What's up with that?" I couldn't answer him before he had moved on. He was pulling at my hand. "Can you take me a picture of the robins?"

I tried. I really did. Yet a preschooler and a toddler hardly make it easy to photograph wildlife. "Mama! Bird!" Megan kept yelling louder and louder until I'd reply, "Yes, birds, I see."

I gave up on the idea of capturing a ground level robin on film. I even gave up on the one that kept landing and fleeing the swing set in our yard. Swapping out lenses for something 'bigger', I zoomed in as tight as I could on a bird high up in the trees next door to us. I think I managed two shots for Logan - neither of them will be "close-ups."

Megan, now used to Papa's digital camera and our quirky-hardly-working video camera, pulled at my arm. She wanted me to flip the camera around. "Baby?" She asked, trying to see the photograph I'd just taken.

"No, Meg. I took a picture of birds and really, you can't see it until the lady at the store makes it into a picture." I tried to explain it to her.

Logan looked at me with that look that says I'm in some sort of trouble. "I could see the bird if that was Papa's camera," he said somewhat miffed with me.

Megan nodded, "Baby."

I really do need to get off my rear and buy a digital camera. I think my sanity may depend on it.


Aging Fabulous said...

I'm so jealous. We aren't even close to spring yet. The sky is blue... but that's about it. But it can't be much longer now... ever optomistic, that's me! :)

kristen said...

i love your blog design... :) Thanks for visiting my blog via michele.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

I love it when the birds start chirping in the spring. Never seen a huge invasion force like you describe though. Michele sent me.

Robin said...

I don't really like my picture being taken all that much anyway...LOL! Here from Michele's!

margalit said...

It's blustery and cold here in Boston. Spring training started on Monday and the full team is in Florida except for Manny Ramirez who is doing some primadonna workout somewhere else. But it's so great to see my Red Sox in their spring training red t-shirts. Man, I missed them.

No blubs yet. They're planted, but we've got at least another month before they peek out.

Here via Michele.

ribbiticus said...

hahaha! i tried as long as i could to hold on to my manual camera. now with my digicam, i find it so much easier (although i still rely on my canon for other pics to be posted in albums). :)

michele says hi! :)

kontan said...

i love my digi, but i'm not giving up the other!

haha, my validation is newme...wonder if that is a hint that i need to do some changing lol

Zee said...

it seemed to be improving here, for a brief moment. it all cloudy and rainy here.

i can't wait for new buds this spring!

Viamarie said...

Find your blog very interesting. Will be dropping by more often.

Enjoy your weekend!