Having children is sometimes like holding a mirror up to yourself. My son appears to be developing a healthy sarcastic sense of humor. I asked one of my best friends where he might have inherited such a trait. She flipped back "Gee, I wonder."

Think she's pointing a finger at me?

When I mothered only one child, I'm not sure I would have labeled my son "easy." Now that I've had the chance to see his sister in toddler-action, I'm telling you that boy is a cake-walk.

In one recent day, the little girl managed to burn her finger AND fall down two stone slab steps landing flat faced on concrete. The same day she also knocked a toy wooden ironing board on herself. The pediatrician, luckily, understands the reckless abandon under which some toddlers operate.

The previously made offer to evolve my current career path was re-issued in a informal way today. 5 years ago I'd have jumped at it the first time they asked. Today things are different. Today my job is just that - it's what I do to pay the bills. Being able to be *with* my kids more than I'm not with them is my priority. Not the best move for an upward-and-onward career path but incredibly more satisfying.

Recently I re-connected with two old friends. The first was my senior prom date. No, not old flame, just old friend. We have a colorful history and then things just went cold for some unexplained reason. Yet we've been exchanging emails again and it's wonderful to have such a good, old friend around again.

The other was my roommate my freshman year of college. We were better friends when we weren't sharing a room. In fact, she eventually ended up in a single while I went on to live in a big, fantastic suite in a castle (I kid you not) with four other gals. I took that to me it was her not me. The thing is now that we're all grown-up, I think we've got a chance at being better friends today than we ever did 12+ years ago. Amazing what a little time will do.


Cath said...

Wow, i thought it was only Corey who 'hurt' himself several times a day!

Lucky said...

Both of my two are exactly like me and my wife--the self-absorbed dramatic dreamer in my daughter is I, and the hard headed stubborn analytical one is my wife.

Interesting how that works out...

Lucky said...

Sorry--forgot this:

Hello, Michele sent me.

Viamarie said...

My only child is now grown up and memories of how she was as a child is coming back through your postings.

Thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope you visit more often. I find your posts very interesting so I am including you in my blogroll. Hope you don't mind.


Deb R said...

This was a lovely post.

Michele sent me!