Kids at Play

Logan managed to amass a nice collection of BC Builders at Christmas. Not heard of them? Imagine cartoonish dinosaurs put to work as construction vehicles. They come complete with blockish cavemen in animal skins, sporting goatees. Being construction focused, each set contains either a building to erect (and destroy) and/or plastic boulders.

Megan was napping and so we did what we normally do during that time - we play. I took a moment to check my email and Logan started to busy himself by using the T-Rex of his BC Builder collection to load boulders into the volcano. He called me to look at him and so I complied.

"Watch me fly the meteorite!" he said. He held a boulder in a hand high above his head. He moved his arm lower and lower, coming down at an angle. . .aiming at the T-Rex.

"See, the meteorite is coming to crash down to earth and kill off all the dinosaurs," he said matter-of-factly. "BAM!" he yelled and knocked over the unsuspecting construction crew.

"See," he said as he smiled up at me, "Just like the scientist said."


Im Chele In [dot] LA said...

aah kids.........
Over from the other michele's..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Amazing the things that are made for kids today and how they each play with these things!

Here Via Michele today!

Michele said...

Of course, he is so very correct. Whenever I imagine a scientist hard at work I like to think they are indeed saying "BAM!"

They are saying that, yes?

Zee said...

Very good! Don't you just love how they simply and perfectly get everything and anything to do with dinosaurs? Love it!

It's still my best thing to play... :)