Can't argue

Logan's been recently obessed with the topic of weather, storms in particular. We worried that perhaps our 'scared of oodles of stuff' three-year old would freak himself out with the information he was bent on digging up. Yet it's not turned out that way. In fact, he's finding comfort in the information.

If you were in the car with us about an hour ago, you'd have been privvy to this conversation:

Logan - Mommy, tornados don't usually come here, right.

Me - Right. We don't usually see tornados.

Logan - But if we did we'd have to go to a safe place to hide.

Me - Exactly. We'd go to our basement.

Logan - Hey, Mommy. If a tornado is at our house, do you know what the real safest place to be is?

Me - Yup. The basement.

Logan - Nope. Grandma's house.


surcie said...

My son is 2 and 1/2, and suddenly has decided that he's afraid of all kinds of things. Such an odd/interesting stage.

Carmi said...

Sounds like he has it all figured out. A child's logic is a wonderful thing.

Michele says hi, but I'd be here on my own regardless.

Linda said...

Children cut right to the point, don't they...and Grandma's is the safest place to be!

Here from michele's!

A Year of Style said...

I like the way that kid thinks! Things are always better at grandma's place.

Amanda said...

That's the cutest thing I've ever heard! Smart kid!

Here via Michele~

utenzi said...

Michele sent me here, Sandy.

Logan does have a point--as long as his Grandma lives a ways agay, that is.

I used to live where we had somewhat frequent tornados and it never bothered me. Now I live where there's hurricanes and I'd rather have the tornados. At least they leave most people alone--the hurricane affects everyone in the area.

I hope that Logan's newfound security continues, Sandy. I'm sure it's hard to deal with lots of fears and worries.