Pity me, then move on

Two weeks ago I did something I tend to put off doing. I went to my doctor. I really am not a fan of my doctor's office but because I've yet to find a doctor I *am* a fan of, I just stick it out. The woman gives me medication when I'm sick and need it. She's yet to screw-up a diagnosis. She just has the personality of a wet rag. I deal with it.

I didn't see the doctor though this particular time. I saw her PA - Physician's Assistant. I dislike her more. She calls me hon. That's not why I don't like her, but since I don't like her the moniker irritates me. Anyway, back to what I was saying. She told me I had an acute upper respiratory infection. She gave me a five day course of some swanky 'new' antibiotic and she sent me on my way.

I took those damn pills. I felt better.

Today, not so much.

So here's the thing. It's either the flu - which is completely likely since I feel rather fluey with the muscle aches and the skin hurting and the eyes start to burn and water if they're open for too long. OR, it could be that whatever she put me on failed to do it's thing and I'm still battling what I had only now it's back with a vengeance - also completely likely since my rib cage feels like someone has tied a leather strap around it and keeps pulling it tighter and tighter.

The kids are sick too. Big one is stuffy and complaining of a sore throat. I buy that since I know I'm stuffy and have a sore throat too. The little one has replaced her cute button nose with a faucet that leaks continuously. She started wiping her nose with her shirt - I'm not sure if I should be grossed out or impressed with her ingenuity.

The only one NOT sick in the house is the spouse. He's been good. He sends me off to nap no matter how much the girl protests my absence. He coordinates dinner. He buys boxes and boxes of tissues for the three of us to fight over. He got his flu shot. The girl had half of hers - never did get the booster. Boy and I were out of luck. Maybe it is the flu. Or maybe he'll be curled in a ball moaning next week. I certainly don't wish it on him.

This sucks.


Thumper said...

You have my sympathies, both on being sick and the PA. I get assigned docs, I never get to choose them, and it's rare to get one I click with.

Here via Michele's today :)

margalit said...

There are two kinds of sinus infections, bacterial and viral. The bacterial ones respond to the Zpack antibiotics, the viral ones don't. If you're still feeling bad on Monday, you should get (ahem, pardon me) your snot cultured.

I'm the queen of sinus infections, I've had sinus surgery, and they are so horrible you have my ber biggest amount of sympathy. Virtual hugs "hon". Sorry, I couldn't help it! :-)

Cath said...

That sucks!
Hope you are all better soon, after dealing with it for the last 10 days i know how it gets you down.

Mandy said...

awww, here's hoping you feel a ton better soon (and the kids as well).