Your attention please. . .

We interupt this normally 'glass half-full' blog to bring you some more bitching and moaning. (If you're confused, see yesterday's post.)

Today I've learned a few important lessons:

1. There are only two things that make the various body aches from the muscles of my little toes to the skin on the top of my head stop hurting:

- Advil Cold
- hot, Hot, HOt, HOT showers

Clearly I can not live in the shower all day long. The medication is my friend.

What does not work: Tyenol cold, generic cold with acetaminophen, little people that lapse into "ONLY MOMMY CAN HOLD ME!" mood at the first sign that Mommy would rather be sacked out on the couch.

2. There are three things that can stop the chills that consume my body:

- Advil Cold
- hot, Hot, HOt, HOT showers
- Hot tea - preferably my new Rasberry Cream Carmel herbal tea from Davidsons.

What does not work: the aforementioned OTC medications, piles of blankets heaped upon me and the little people also previously mentioned stealing the heaps of blankets to play peek-a-boo under.

3. Megan will eat anything that comes in a soup can or invovles homemade broth. I, however, am very picky about my soup. This sucks when you're sick and all you have is slimy canned Chicken Noodle soup. Note to self: Send the man out to by Lipton Noodle Soup boxes in bulk. I love to drown crackers in that stuff.

4. Mom still takes care of me. Tomorrow is supposed to be one of my two work days. Which means, if you're not up to speed with my life, tomorrow the kids are supposed to be with Grandma. She's picking them up anyway (albeit a little later than usual) so I can dial-into my various meetings and then veg in front of a TV for a spell before stumbling into my doctor asking her to PLEASE tell me the weepy eye with faint pink blood shot lines is NOT pink eye and that she can indeed make all this ick go away without having to say "It's the flu, just rest and drink fluids."

Surely I could skip the meetings all together, but when you're paid by the hour and you can essentially make two-three hours worth of pay for sitting on your couch with the speaker phone on mute as you watch recap highlights of the Oscars - it's sort of worth calling in.

5. When I'm sick, I make even more lazy mistakes in my writing the normal. I've already fixed a few of them, I'm ignoring the rest. Remember, you're supposed to be showing me some pity. (See below if that went over your head.)


Kat said...

That tea sounds amazing. You've almost inspired me to get out of bed and make myself some tea!


Killired said...

here from michele's... that tea does sound awesome!!!

how you all feel better soon!

Carmi said...

I'm amazed that you're even bothering to try to work. I'd be under the covers, cowering in my own misery until this thing blows over.

You have my heartfelt wishes for a rapid and complete recovery - not just you, but your entire family.

And I promise I won't nitpick - your writing, whether you're sick or not, stands above.

srp said...

The boxed Lipton chicken noodle is the ONLY way to go. LOVE IT!! Even if I don't have a cold.

BOO!!! to doctors or PAs that hand out antibiotics for viral illness. Can't they get it through their heads that antibiotics don't help viruses. If it is bacterial you can culture and tell what to use. Don't help the superbugs out! But then sometimes the patient, like my mom, insists on an antibiotic. Mom, I only went to 4 years college, 4 years med school, 4 years residency, but then what do I know. Of course, I could say shame on you for not getting a flu shot but I won't because I didn't either.

Hope you get feeling better. It probably is the flu and you're right, Tylenol products just don't seem to cut it. Advil for fever and aches and cramps all the way.

Oh yeah, and Michele sent me.

Sandy said...

Thanks all.

SRP - typically I do get the flu shot. This year I think there was a conspiracy to prevent me from doing so. HA! My doc's office didn't give them out (at least not to anyone under the age of 55). I had a list of various clinics to attempt and yet I was either sick or away or just overwhelmed at the time. Next year, certainly, I will make it a priority. I've gotten a flu shot nearly every year for the last 12 years and it's done me wonders.