I thought he might clam up. I thought he might get a little punchy and start acting silly. Yet he didn't do either.

Logan stood with me before a church full of people (over a 100 easily) to help deliver a request for participation in a special collection we take each year on Palm Sunday. He began our talk with a cheery "Good Morning!" He smiled brightly as everyone responded to him. I asked him two questions and he clearly, loudly, leaning into the microphone answered them both with authority. When we completed our talk he leaned to the mic one last time to say "thank you."

Our Senior Pastor has been at the church for roughly 9 years. He reminded us after the service that it was the first time in all those 9 years anyone received applause for a minute for mission. Typically we're not a demonstrative group. People tend to refrain from clapping unless it's the children's choir singing...or apparently a three-year old encouraging us to give what we have to help those that don't have anything.

He was proud of himself, as he ought to be. Several of the people sitting near us came over both during the greeting portion of the service and after the service to thank Logan for a job well done. They told him how well he did and how proud his parents must be. Logan took the praise in stride. He smiled nicely and said simply "Thank you."

I am proud of my boy. Not just for what he said today, but that, at a mere three years old, he had the courage to stand before so many adults and do it. Perhaps there are those that will write their checks for this offering remembering the enthusiastic red-head. I think it's pretty spectacular that a composed child could lead adults in such a way...but I know Logan. I saw him in action today. I know he can and I'm not at all surprised by it.


T. said...

Good for him. Public speaking at such an early age. I couldn't do it. Not even now if I had too! Michele sent me. Have a good one.

Paige said...

That is great!

kimberly said...

Some children have a knack for holding an audience from a very young age. My 4-year-old nephew has that ability, and it sounds like Logan does, too. Good for him!

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