Me and my shadow

I think merely telling you the conversation that just happened in our house around this photo is enough to explain it.

Me (handing Bruce a print out of two photos put next to each other) - Look.

Him - Cute!

Me - I think you're missing the point. Which one is Meg?

Him - You mean it's not the same person?

Here's me in that 12-18 month age range on the left. Megan at 18 months on the right.


David said...

i love your banner pic
bruce should have said cuter, and cutest!
there is no way for a man to give the right answer the first time - we need coaching

here from michele

margalit said...

You never mentioned you were practicing cloning in your basement in your spare time, Sandy!

Here from Michele

Suzanne said...

wow! easily can be mistaken as the same child! eerie isn't it?
hi from Michele's

Karen said...

Megan looks exactly like you...adorable photos. :)

here from Michele's!

expatmama said...

Wow-- she sure does look like you (at least, like you did at that age.) Cute pictures!

Zee said...

WOW! Identical! She's your little clone. :) How awesome is that?!

Carmi said...

The magic of genetics. This is amazing!

My poor wife: she carried our kids for 9 months each, and they came out as miniature versions of me.

When she's older, she'll appreciate how much of you she inherited. How cool!

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

Laughing at Carmi. Mostly 'cause I know my husband's genes are going to give me carrot tops. I'm not prepared for this - those carrot tops are little buggers.
I look like the female version of my dad. It is kind of disturbing really. Better to look like your mom. Lucky Meg.

T. said...

Here from Michele. Cute kiddies.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Hello, Michele sent me

It does look the samw. I have a picture of me and one of my husbands neice at the same age and they look the same, and we aren't blood related. We look nothing a like now though.

The Torch Singer said...

Oh my god............

That is so scary............

cut from the same cloth....it's a no brainer!!!!!!

Michele sent me....heheheh

Nadia :)

Cath said...

WOW, 2 peas in a pod springs to mind!

Shane said...