Preschooler's Empathy

Logan clearly picked up the various clues yesterday. He realized the blanket I pulled around the house with me and the hot cups of tea meant I was cold. Or maybe it was hearing me ask his father several times "What is the thermostat set for? Oh, ok, never mind."

I walked into his room this morning just after he woke up. He smiled, a look I always enjoy seeing in the morning because it's pure "happy to see you!"

"Are you feeling better?" he asked me, furrowing his little brow some.

"No, honey, sadly I am not," I told him. "Are you?"

"Yup. I'm ok," he said. Then he asked if we could just lay on his bed and tell stories for a while before getting up.

"Mommy?" he asked, "Are you still cold?" I told him I was a little cold.

He brought his hands together in a loud clap and then started to rub them, palm to palm, back and forth quickly.

"I'm making friction," he said before I could ask what this ritual was about. "Daddy said friction makes heat. I'm going to make heat to make you feel better."

He might not have warmed my chilly toes, but sure did warm my heart.


Cath said...

Awwww, that is so sweet!
What a smart guy

Shane said...

cool story. heh heh