Spring Preview

Last week we shivered with lingering winter. Today our backyard weather station says the temperatures hit levels we've not seen in months - 75F to be exact. The high winds kept it from feeling quite that warm; most of us were comfortable in long sleeve tees, for example. Yet clearly it was a preview of what lies ahead in the not too distant future.

Other reminders are starting to appear in our yard. The bulb flowers in my front beds have begun to rise again, after taking pause during the cold snap. The daffodils budding in my backyard are starting to tease with bits of yellow pedals. And then there's this beauty - a single iris plant tucked away in a corner near the air conditioning unit.


Shane said...

and today in Los angeles, we're freezing with a cold front. 53 degrees for the high - where's the love?

sage said...

it's nice here in MI too. Love your flowers and always like it when I come to your site and see your boat--it's such a welcoming view.

Chatty said...

It's warm here in NH today and tomorrow as well. We've not had any bloomage yet though.

Michele sent me.

margalit said...

It was beautiful here in Boston today too, with highs in the 60's, and nice and sunny. It was so warm it was actually humid out! Plus we had the most wonderful sunset.

I love the pic of your iris. Everything here is totally dormant, although some branches are starting to bud. We've got another month until flowers.

Here via Michele

T. said...

Snowed here all day. All yesterday. All day tomorrow.

Have a good one.

Michele sent me.

kontan said...

love that pic! yes, weather is a little freaky lately. Loving the spring though...'cept the storms yesterday. although the lightening was pretty. we're on break this week...hope it's springy! (but around here you just never know, we could easily have to take a snow day right after spring break!!!)

Robin said...

That color is just AMAZING...Irises are my favourites! I'm here from Michele's today, hope you're having a great weekend!

Kat said...

It was 72 in New York on Friday. Just amazing. (Of course, it's raining today. Ugh.)

I love the picture of the flowers. So beautiful!

Cath said...

Beautiful picture!
We have snow here :(