Ought to be snoozing

Sure, I could be asleep. I could be catching up on emails long awaiting my reply. I could be rehearsing the short 'speech' I have to give tomorrow during church for a minute on mission. Yet here I blog.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to commit to virtual paper. I need to for my own ability to process and remember.

1 - The dying friendship mentioned a while back. Well I decided the right thing to do was to send a little card to the birthday boy regardless. I did. I got an email tonight that not only thanked us for remembering but engaging in general chit chat. I still am not sure we're 'back' where we were as friends, but perhaps I don't have to feel so sad when my son draws pictures of two friends in the hot air balloon he made in school last week.

2 - Sometimes you think you're doing something that will shake-up your weekend and make the day go faster than just sitting around at home. Yet an hour before dinner time you find yourself looking at your spouse and saying, "You know, it seems like three days ago we were at the Discovery Museum doesn't it?"

3 - This thing I've got to do at church tomorrow, it's going to involve Logan and it's Grandma's fault. My mom chairs the committee that oversees outreach (aka local and international mission projects.) She needed someone to speak for roughly a minute during the 10am service about a special collection we'll take on Palm Sunday. The money goes to help a large number of programs both domestic and abroad. She volunteered me. She knows speaking before crowds isn't a problem for me. I'm a ham. I admit it.

I jokingly said to her that I should bring the kid up with me. Along with the adult contributions, the Sunday School kids fill little cardboard fish banks with spare change during lent. They return those boxes on Palm Sunday too. Logan has diverted to this fish bank all the coins normally destined for his and Meg's piggy banks (the very same banks that have saved almost 1/2 the money we need for next year's Disney vacation.) He has this knack for sweet talking money out of our pockets.

Grandma thought this was a splendid idea. She, while at a retreat with a slew of church folk, told the Senior Pastor that Logan may pitch in. He also thought it was a tremendous idea. There is no backing out of my little clever quip. Logan is going up with me. For now, he can't wait. He's rehearsed his few lines. He's chomping at the bit to get up there. It remains to be seen whether he'll happily participate or if stage fright will set in.

All I know is the boy has been watching movies about scam artists when none of us are looking. As we practiced together he kept interrupting me with a running commentary about his fish bank and our talk. I finally hushed him. I told him when we did this for real he was going to have to say his lines and then just be quiet, smile, and be cute.

He nodded. He smiled wide to show me how he'd do it tomorrow. Then he said sweetly, "Cute gets more money."


Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Here via Michele's!
Have a nice weekend...

Shannon said...

"Cute gets more money."

That's a golden rule of life. You have trained him well. ;-)