Day time TV observation

Typically any daytime television I'm privvy to is the animated variety complete with happy little creatures teaching great life lessons. Being sick and childfree, however, means a whole new world of tv is once again at the tip of my little clicker finger. I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

I'm wondering, after staring mouth agape at one particular show, how many paternity tests it takes before the clueless mother realizes perhaps she has bigger problems than who the baby's father is. I'm not sure of that answer, but my guess is having to submit 34 men to the test and STILL not have a positive match is probably past that point.

I'm wondering if the host has offered up a myriad of other pertient health related blood test also.


nancy said...

Thirty Four! OMG! Go watch General Hospital.... ;)

Michele sent me. Hi!

Love your place.

Cath said...

Omg, was it Jerry Springer or something!
LOL, totally stunned!
Hope you're feeling better XXHUGSXX

Viamarie said...

Hope you're feeling much better today.

Take care.