I get it but still

daffodils like the ones that have begun to bloom around our property always bring thoughts of Easter to me. This year, as happy as I am to see the flowers blooming, I'm finding it a little bittersweet.

Bruce's career has transformed over the years we've been together. Most recently it's taken a huge evolutionary leap. On the whole, it's a good change for both him and us as a family. Yet there is a part of these new responsibilities that require quite a bit of travel.

It's not easy when he's away, but it's certainly manageable. My parents are close. We spend many a night there for dinner. The nights we can do, we're used to having weekdays on our own as it is. We can, as much as we miss him, take the nights on our own too. The weekends are tough for us all. We do spend a lot of time with grandparents then. Something to change up the scenery a little.

There is a trip on the horizon, however, that is a bit different. He'll leave on a Thursday for nearly two weeks. He'll depart here and take a very long flight across time-zones that places him down in Singapore on Saturday...the day before Easter.

Yes, we'll be spending our Easter without him. I didn't think it'd bother me as much as it is. I didn't think it'd bother him as much as it is, quite frankly. Last night, as I showed him the big white bows we found for Meg's hair, he said sadly, "Take lots of pictures on Easter morning. Lots."

The daffodils in our backyard have nearly all bloomed now. The ones in the front are just reaching the "buds about to pop open" stage. The tulips are starting to emerge - tightly closed and green still with small hints of the vibrant red they will become. Each plant a reminder of the holiday that I'm almost not looking forward to.

I understand the nature of business. I understand why the trip can't be another time. That doesn't mean I have to like it.


Zee said...

Well, like the flowers now blooming, they hold the promise of his safe return.

Hugs, Sandy. :)

Paige said...

Beautiful flowers, sad feelings.

Cath said...

Awww i'm sorry you won't be together for Easter Sandy. I hope you do take lots of pictures

Sue said...

Here from Michele's today -- beautiful flowers but such sad sentiments :(

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is very hard, my dear...I surely can undertsand the bittersweet of the coming of Easter...It's not an easy thing to deal with all the traveling and seperation, but especially on important Holidays.
Those flowers are Gorgeous, btw!

I'm here from Michele today!

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to see you and your daffodils, Sandy.

Wow. Singapore is one Hell of a long way to go. I'm sure it'd be a nice place to visit but it's just too far to go for business. I hope his being gone doesn't hurt your Easter too much, Sandy.

My daffodils are mostly gone now but my tulips are almost in bloom now.

WendyWings said...

Michele sent me today,daffodils here mean my wedding anniversary and two birthdays not Easter.
Our daffodils bloom in Sept :)

margalit said...

To me, daffodils welcome spring, but they don't come up until late April as a rule. Our crocuses just started popping up the last few days, and they are EARLY this year.

I understand how hard it is to have a loved one travel during a holiday. I'm sure you'll miss him a lot, but still try and have a happy Easter, and remember that Easter isn't a big holiday in Singapore, so they probably won't understand anyhow.

Here from Michele today.

David said...

hi - may I flip side this for you?
what if you had someone you did not miss at all when they were away? wouldn't that be terrible? what if you had no one to miss? I am touched by your love and closeness, savor the good you have. and rejoice its only weeks and not months away. Blessings to you!

Chatty said...

I love your header graphic and am patiently waiting for our flowers to bloom. Seventy seven in NH today. Miracles!

I hope all works out for you.

Michele sent me.

Nicole said...

I once spent Valentine's Day with my husband in Beirut. His schedule also leaves my daughter and I alone evenings and weekends.

Guess I just wanted to say I've been somewhere near there, and it stinks. Hope that the joy of the Easter season helps fight off some of the funk.

srp said...

Here from Michele.
I've been divorced for a very long time so time away from a hubby is not bad. But Christmas and Thanksgiving and weeks away from my child while she visited her dad, now those were horrible. Hope you have lots of good weather, good pictures and a very strong phone connection come Easter Sunday.

Canadian Dude said...

No spring flowers yet where I live. Here fom Michele's.


Plain Jane said...

It's hard being away from loved ones because of a "duty" they owe another. When the spousal would leave for 6 months at a time when he was in the Navy... that would get to me as well. It's amazing how much you miss in one another's life in just 14 days... let alone 180 days and no phone calls for weeks on end knowing they're in questionably safe conditions.

Wishing you strength & here from Michele's.