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The gifts are bought and wrapped.

The labels for the 'reindeer food' Logan is bringing in for his class on Thursday are still a good idea nestled safely in my head. Somewhere in the pile of crap that has consumed my office area is a stash of card stock that I can print these things out on. If I'm blogging tomorrow night and those cards haven't been printed, do me a favor and smack me.

The littlest member of our household is sick - or was. She's acting fine unless of course she's puking her guts out. Thankfully not everything makes her spew. Just the things she likes best. And well, on a serious note, she's kept down everything she's injested since lunch time -- including one of her favorites.

The uncle that has been lingering since April is slipping closer to the end. Hospice called. He's progressed tremendously in the last week or so. They expect the coma to come soon and from there death. The brain tumors are growing quickly now. I've not seen him in person since his birthday. He's a hard person to visit - always has been even when he was healthy. You never know when he's lying to you or about you. Except now you do since he doesn't talk much at all.

The grandmother that raised the uncle to be the delight that he is apparently lied about her birthday. Not the year she was born, but the day. My entire 32 years I thought my grandmother was a "Baby New Year" born on January 1st. Turns out she fibbed for the attention it got her. Her real birthday was January 2nd. Who does that?!


Miladysa said...

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Prego said...

I like the juxtaposition of humor and bummer - sorry to hear about your uncle. (the grandma thing is classic.)

By the way, my little guy is sick, too - though it's coming out of both ends. yech.


here via michele tonight -

Anonymouse said...

HI Sandy! I'm here because Michele told me to come on over...

Did you finish the labels, or shall I smack you upside the head?? No, I would never do that to you!

My grandmother lies about her actual birthday, too. My mother says that she was born on January 12th, but she says she was born on January 13th. My mom suspects that she changed the date in her late teens because her mother dies on January 12th. It's kinda sad, but I would have picked Jan. 11th instead of the 13th!!

Happy Holidays!

Dak-Ind said...

greetings from michele.

my mother used to send "reindeer pellets" to class with me. sounds gross, but when i was in grade school it was a HUGE hit. i did it for my son as well. i look forward to doing it for the number 2 son in a few more years.

so now i gotta say: i LOVE the grandma thing! you k now what my grandparents did... my whole life my grandparents celebrated their marriage that took place on Dec 13th 1946. my mother was born a year and a half later in June of 1948. three years after we lost my grandfather, my grandmother passed away. Reading her diaries after her death i discovered the truth. my grandparents married on Dec the 13th, 1947! my mother was born 6 months and one week later. she was not premature.

its not just your granny!

Valderbar said...

Wow, certainly is lively there. Sorry to hear about your sick one. I puked myself today. Are your sure your littles one doesn't have hairballs?

Have a sweet Christmas among the confusions and delights.

Michele sent me.