Ride this

This morning I survived (and enjoyed!) the official 90-minute "Stress-buster" Christmas Eve Spin class at my gym.

For you Spin virgins out there - the class is intended to mimic mountain biking. You are able to add and remove resistance to the wheel as a means to recreate the effect of riding flat road vs uphill climbs. You sit at times, you stand at times. You even get to "jump" at times (a sensation created by sitting for a few counts and then standing, sitting then standing, etc. It gets your heart rate up fast!)

Our normal classes are 40 minutes long.

I've done an hour once before. This was my first long ride. I loved it. Sure, my upper legs are a little weary at the moment, but my body feels good and I feel accomplished.

Every so often the gym trains for a big mountain ride - last time it was climbing Everest. No, we don't actually climb the real mountain, we mimic it in a 2-hour special class. In the past it's been a concept that intimidates me. Not today. If I can get Meg to stay in child care, I'm taking more classes during the week and when they offer the next big cilmb, I'm so there!

Merry Christmas to those celebrating it!


jane said...

I am so in awe of you. But I found something wonderful on your blog: I'm a virgin!!! yeehawww! Even if it's just a spinning virgin, heck, I'll take it. And as lazy as it may be, I'm holding onto my virginity this time!

Michele sent me ;)

I hope you & your family have a most blessed holiday season.

ribbiticus said...

have been hearing about spinning for some time and you really made it seem like such fun. if i only knew where to sign up for that here...sigh. anyhoo, hope you and your family have a happy christmas! :)

kontan said...

sounds like work! but fun!

Merry Christmas!

thatgirl said...

I admire you, I really do. I have been athletic all my life, and I even quite like mountain biking. But when it comes to spinning, I am defective. I don't know why. The huffing and puffing knows no end, and I always had to quit before the class was over. I somehow lack the kind of endurance that spinning requires. Keep going!

And Merry Christmas.

Cath said...

Wow, good on you girl. I know i couldn't do it!
MERRY CHRISTMAS HUNNY! To you and all your family!

Bhakti said...

Hey! Great to hear from you!

I used to ride my bicycle a lot before the spine surgery...it always feels a little strange when first getting off of the bike, doesn't it? It's like your legs want to just fold up underneath you!

Kudos to you for taking this exercise class on Christmas Eve!!

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