Holiday Snippets

I've come to believe that the sucess of a good family holiday can be measured by it's youngest members expressions. With that in mind, I present you the following utterances. You be the judge.

- Upon seeing the stocking hanging on the doorknob of her brother's room, Megan pointed and asked, "Mama? Dat?"

- Upon being told it was Logan's stocking filled by Santa and that she had one to open too, Megan began to yell (in hopes of waking her still sleeping sibling aka Bra-bah, aka Brother): "Anta! Anta! Ho! Ho! Ho! BRA-BAH! BRAAAAAA-BAH! Ho! HO! HO!!"

- Upon opening his eyes Christmas morning, Logan said: "Is it morning? Did Santa come? Where's my stocking?"

- Upon reaching one of the first items in the stocking, he nearly shouted: "YAY! I really wanted Magnetix! How did Santa know? We play with these at school!"

- Upon pulling out her first stocking item ever since last year hardly counted with, you know, us doing all the unwrapping for her, Megan sat holding the Little People Santa saying: "Ho! Ho! Ho! Lil Pee-ull Anta. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

- Upon entering the multi-purpose sunroom and seeing the gifts under the tree, Megan inhaled sharply and said her current most favorite phrase: "Oh WOW!!"

- Upon remembering the teacher told him to hide the little white bag under his bed until Christmas morning, Logan ran off down the hall yelling back over his shoulder, "I've got one more present. It's a surprise!"

- Upon being asked if he had made the painted pinecone Christmas tree in a small clay pot: "I painted it but I didn't want to put the ornaments on because my fingers would get sticky. Mrs S had to glue on the pompoms, so this is really from me and Mrs. S."

- Upon opening her biggest present from Mom and Dad, Megan clapped her hands and said: "Lil Pee-ull out box!!" (She is now often found sitting upon the floor playing contently with the Little People house and its various accessories.)

- Upon seeing the Chocolate cake with Peppermint ice cream appear, Logan perched himself at the table ready to blow out candles and sing Happy Birthday to "Baby Jesus." When asked in the week's leading up to the holiday itself, Logan informed us that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birthday. I guess sometimes the things we try to tell him sink in through all that other stuff he hears.

- Upon laying her new Bitty Baby down in it's very own crib (a gift from her grandparents) Megan rubbed the doll's back and said: "Ni-ni baby. Good gur."

- Upon being thanked for the cinnamon scented candle he gave me, Logan said: "I just wanted you to have the pretty candle because I love you so much."

- Upon settling into bed after a few good stories from the original Thomas the Tank Engine books, Logan smiled and said: "Thank you, Mommy. We had a good day, didn't we."

- Upon leaving the house with me today for our "after Christmas" purchases of next year's cards and wrapping paper, Logan stopped to watch his much coveted and now beloved rock tumbler in motion. He pointed to it and said "Daddy and I are going to wash it tomorrow night then put in more chemicals and we're going to make the rocks turn different colors and be really pretty. Maybe I'll make you a key chain."

- Upon finding herself (ahem) once again in her brother's room sometime after dinner tonight, Megan sat herself in the middle of the Shake and Go race track and yelled out: "Mama! Dada! Shay! Go!" (Luckily Logan is sharing this gift nicely and has not deemed it "special" and therefore off limits. Megan loves to watch the cars race around the tracks as much as her brother does.)


Chatty said...

sounds like a very nice Christmas!

Michele sent me.

FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

& the conclusion?

(Michele sent me to ask ;) )

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like a lot of wonderful presents were collected by two very lucky and very happy children!
What more could you ask for?? That's the best "review" possible, isn't it?

Here from Michele tonight.

margalit said...

What a wonderful review of your holiday morning. I love to read the responses of a child first experiencing something so exciting.

Michele sent me.

kontan said...

thanks for the smiles, great review. sounds like you had a great day.

E in Oz said...

I'd hazard a guess and say I think they had a good time. :-)

Thanks for posting on my blog. Since you found me via Michele, I suppose that means Michele sent me too. ;-)


Chrixean said...

Your kids are adorable. Glad that they appreciate all the gifts they received! My son was surprised also to get what he wanted from "Santa" and was just as amazed at how Santa found out what he wanted, hehe.
Here from Michele's! Have a happy new year! :-)