Times have changed

My brother and I had a ritual when we were kids. We'd pull apart the slats on our blinds, spy snow and then race to the radio. We'd sit huddled together on the floor listening for the list of closings. Our school district starts with the letter "T." On the day of a real good snow fall, it took a long, long time to get to the letter T.

My children won't have that problem. The local radio station that we used to love listening to only on snow days has gotten all 'with the times.' You can now pull up the list of closings on their web site.

The impatient part of me is loving this. The nostalgic part is mourning the loss of such a ritual. Heck, maybe this will just be our little secret. I won't tell my kids if you don't. Deal?

Footnote: Of course I have no idea why I'm sitting here refreshing the closure notice screen to see if our district is closed other than pure nostalgia. It is true that the boy has preschool on Tuesdays. It is also true that his preschool will close if the town's schools do. However it is ALSO true that he's not going to school today even if they have classes because I'll be lugging him and his snotty nose to the doctor's office. Hmmm, I think I'm going with the excuse that I'm wondering if the child will be missing anything today or if school is closed anyway. Of course this I could confirm at a more reasonable hour, no?


Karen said...

I love those rituals. Sometimes I think that this is the downsize of technology. Kids don't have to WAIT for anything. Ah, well....

Michele sent me...great post!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I haven't thought about school closings in the snow, in a VEEERRRY long time...and listening to the radio to find out...I honestly don't remember if they use to tell us about our schools closing on the radio....but I DO remember when Radio was terribly important to my siblings and me....I remember listening to the radio and doing my homework...(HOW? Who knows!!! I surely cannot imagine it now! LOL)
Great post....it brought back lots of memories, and lots of images of heavy snows, too!

Plumkrazzee said...

I remember those days too! Also waiting every morning for them to read the hot lunch menu....much too easy now. =) Thanks for stopping by earlier!