Like a kid again

I can still remember the feeling of overwhelming excitement the holidays would fill me with when I was a kid. I remember feeling like Christmas would never arrive. The pure giddy thrill each day would intensify in me. I outgrew that around the time I was old enough to 'host' Christmas dinner.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy the holiday season, quite the contary, I have always enjoyed it to the hilt. I just didn't find myself filled with almost uncontrollable impatience.

Then I had kids. At one year-old Megan loves all things Christmas decor, yet has little idea of what is about to happen. With three Christmas seasons under his belt, Logan is counting days this year. He gets it. He knows what's coming and he can't wait. Yet, even his zeal is nothing compared to mine.

I always tried to live up to the adage "it's better to give than to recieve" but having children has made it almost too easy to do it. I can't wait for Christmas morning and it's got nothing to do with what's 'in it for me.'

I was sitting moments ago with my children watching Dora. Megan was winding down and relaxing in preparation for her nap and Logan was just vegging for vegging's sake. I was thinking, as I watched them both stare at the television like possessed little people, about the gift Meg would dive into on Christmas morning. Her "big" gift from Santa - the Dora doll I spent last weekend programing. Yes, Dora's voice box sat exposed on my desk; a USB cable connecting her to my computer. I entered her name, favorite color, foods, names of family and so on. In just 16 days, my little Dora fan will press that doll's stomach and hear "Hola Megan Rose! I'm Dora!"

I begin to giggle with the thought of it. I get excited. I get impatient. I have to fight the urge to dig the doll out now and just hand it to her. I can't wait to see her little face when Dora speaks to her. We played with the display at Toys R Us weeks ago. We typed in her name. The display said back (in Dora's voice) "Hola, Megan, I'm Dora." Meg's eyes got wide. She started to giggle. She pointed to herself and said "May-me. Dora!" (Mayme apparently is the way she's attempting to say her own name.) I can't wait to see what happens when Dora the doll has an entire personalized conversation with Megan.

And it's not just the big stuff. My future "emergency doctor" (his idea not mine) has spent the morning fashioning medicine droppers and blankets into his own little hosptial. He's going to love getting his very own medical kit care-of Santa and Fisher-Price. I smile to myself as I think of it laying hidden in the basement while he plays.

I expect this to be one of my best Christmases ever and I can only thank my kids for that gift.


Courtney said...

My nephew is 3, and I think he's going to implode before Christmas gets here.
Your template is beautiful. I love the falling snow.
Thanks for coming by earlier.

Last Girl On Earth said...

I'm trying to get excited about the holidays, and reading posts like yours helps! Thanks. Michele sent me today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Chatty said...

We've got a lot going on right now. I really want to get into the spirit...it's rough now.

You have a cute blog. Michele sent me.