can't catch a break

So the boy is still sick. And it's not just a sick as in another head cold. I'm thinking his right ear has never fully cleared out. When we went on Wednesday it wasn't red and therefore not assumed infected, but there was some fluid there. Today his ear is slightly red. And the cough? The one that was just post-nasal drip on Wednesday - now there's a little crackle in his chest.

He's been sick almost straight through from Thanksgiving and that was after being sick with his first ear infection at Halloween. I'm blaming the big Thanksgiving trek.

Poor kid, on to another antibiotic.

The little one - just a cold. Her chest is clear. Her ears are clear. She even got all her shots today at her previously scheduled well-visit. She's a great big 30 inches tall and 23.8 pounds at 15 months old. Gosh I thought she looked taller to me. She was only 28 inches and 22 pounds three months ago. Another boring well visit, which is much welcomed after the ones we had a year ago that sent us onto the specialist for her wry neck.

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margalit said...

My boy came home from school today sick as well. Sore throat, clammy skin, pale and whimpering. All he wants to do is open Chanukah presents, poor kid.

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