Tis the season

I ought to be doing a lot of different things right now, but I'm not. Instead I am sitting at my computer blog surfing.

I could be sitting at my computer working on the family newsletter so that it actually gets into the various 'opt-in' inboxes before our friends and family celebrate their respective holidays. But that requires me to remember when I actually sent out the last issue and exactly what I had said in it.

I could be emptying and reloading the dishwasher, but that would require a degree of manual labor.

I could be lounging on my couch watching whatever I stumble across, but chances are that would mean I'd be fast asleep before my husband got home tonight from his haircut appointment. We've lived her for 7 years. The man still uses the same barber 40 minutes North. I have given up encouraging him to be adventurous enough to find a new guy.

I could be tidying up the toys scattered about - but again, manual labor.

Instead I'm sitting here resting my tired toes. My father, you see, is not allowed to go Christmas shopping on his own. It's not a health issue. It's a "poor taste in gift" issue. As soon as I could recognize that Mom would rather a ring than a vacuum I was sent off to help guide the man's choices. He's gotten much better now. He knows he can't go wrong with jewelry. Sometimes he needs a nudge to pick out the right kind, but more often than not he's really ok. It's just become a tradition. Each year just he and I go out for a day of shopping and some lunch. We were going to try to squeeze in a movie but our list just didn't allow time. It's a nice day out with Dad. It's not something we get to do often. We had a nice time. I'm just foot-weary now.

So here I sit, surfing and sipping diet hot chocolate with a candy cane melted down into it. You think my green and red stripped peppermint stick negated the "diet" part?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wonderful Post!!! LOL. Charming, beyong belief! LOve the image of you sipping Hot Choccy with a Peppermint stick melting in it..YUMMMMM!
I understand your diet sooooo well. (lol)

LOvely that you help your Dad, SAndy...So, relax and enjoy yourself...It will ALL come out okay,believe me!

Bhakti said...

This is the first year I ever recall hearing about people putting candy canes into their hot chocolate. And now, everywhere I turn, there it is!! Hot chocolate and candy canes! I need to go to the store right now and purchase some diet hot chocolate and candy cane materials. Plus, whipped cream!!

Michele sent me again!!

I love this blog and I'm linkin to ya!