holiday prep

Logan and I are making our last batch of cookies as we "speak." We made the other varieties last weekend with Grandma. Today it's Red and Green M&Ms and Chocolate Chip cookies. He won't try one because he's insisting he made them just for Santa. The rest of us, apparently, are out of luck. Oh well, more for me tomorrow night.

I peek in at the baking cookies while he cuts shapes out of a mixed pile of Play-Doh. Daddy has the little imp in the backyard. It's warm today - almost 60. She's in an old jacket that used to be Logan's. Her cheeks are rosy from the cool breeze and her glee.

Moments like these are ones I wished my camera was a digital. I looked at the window to see Daddy running by me. He was pulling the yellow plastic sled with Megan sitting upon it and laughing as hard as her 30-inch frame would allow her too. We have no snow, mind you, not even a small little hint of snow left from the storms earlier this month. Nope, it's just brownish-green grass -- and a happy Dad and daughter.


Sue Richards said...

Wow, you really do it up. Tell Logan that Santa has to cut back on his sugar intake for health reason's. That should lossen his grip on the cookies.

Calendar Girl

From M's.

Mike said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks now i want a cookie!! Michele sent me.

Theo said...

what a wonderful glimpse through your life's window. thank you. perhaps we all could do with a bit more attention to the wonders of the season in our own back yard.

here from Michele's, of course.

kontan said...

around here we're looking forward to cookie day tomorrow. still presents to wrap. fun fun fun!