Reindeer Food anyone?

Well I did get the labels done for the reindeer food.

Then the boy woke up this morning. We took one good look at his leaky faucet, er nose, and asked him how he felt. "I feel bad," he said, which is not rather unusual lately with his on-again-off-again cold stretch. I gave him the option - he picked no school. . .even though it meant missing the thing he had been so looking forward to, his Christmas party.

Being the responsible person I can sometimes be, I packed a bag with the little ice cream cups we were asked to bring for the party. I grabbed the two gift bags for Logan's teachers and the cards he had made for them. I tossed in the reindeer bait. I zipped over to the school leaving Dad in charge of the infirmed.

The two teachers noticed right away that I came missing a key component - the child. They guessed, "He's sick, isn't he. Poor kid." We chatted, I handed out gifts. I located the ice cream....and I noticed the big plastic bin with the oatmeal and sparkely crap. Reindeer bait.

I left without taking ours from the bag. We didn't tell Logan his little project was on the list of "things to make at school" today. I just ditched the bag full of extra packs. I'm not sure he ever noticed. Bruce ran out later in the morning to pick up Logan's 'goody bag' from school. The teachers made sure he had a bag filled with everything everyone got at the party - including the snacks they ate during school time. His bag of school made bait was in there. He was just impressed his teachers knew how to make it too.

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