Nice luck you've got there

I didn't marry a man that had a heavy travel schedule. This globetrotting stuff is fairly recent. And the volume of it has grown proverbial leaps and bounds this past year. Including the trip to see his mother in September this week marks four weeks away in the last 12 weeks.

In theory, it shouldn't be that awful when he travels. I mean, my family is very close and we spend tons of time over there. I get a bit of back-up in the form of grandparents. Yet every time Bruce travels, it seems something comes up back here on the homestead.

This time, it's a handful of things.

First, there is the snow. We've got enough on the ground right now to make grass disappear. We could have at least 5 inches by morning. We've got a new snowblower I don't know how to use and no good way for me to shovel with two young children running around the house.

I could get away without shoveling except that I need to pick up a prescription at the drug store. I have, it seems, a lovely sinus infection. When I dropped off my paperwork at the pharmacy they told me I could pick my much desired pills in at least two hours. Two hours meant roughly 8pm. At roughly 8pm my children are heading into their beds. I'm home. Alone. I'm not asking the grandparents to watch children or get my drugs with the roads slicking up already. So no pills for me until tomorrow.

Then there's the boy. At 9pm he was still chattering to himself in his room. At 9:30 he was crying. He's telling me his ear hurt. Maybe an ear infection. Maybe a sinus infection. He says it's like a pressure not a pain. I'm not sure he knows the difference. Looking at his profile I can see he's got the same swollen glands I do. I can tell his sinuses are inflamed, as mine are. I just can't tell if his ear pain is like the pressure and ache I have or if it's the stabbing pain that had him in a ball crying almost two months ago.

And so yes, some how tomorrow, in the snow, I'm going to have to get him to his doctor too. And then back to the pharmacy to drop papers off with another return trip to pick up the medication.

Daddy will be home on Wednesday night. Just time to miss all the 'fun.' Nice luck we've got, huh?

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Sarah said...

Don't know if you are prone to sinus infections - I seem to be ever since I got pregnant with Zane. FWIW, my MIL suggested I take Mucinex (the plain variety) when I told her that I was on the verge of a sinus infection. It was very early on, but I took the Mucinex and the infection started clearing up within a day and I never had to go in and get antibiotice! Just a tip - just in case...