My little realist

Clearly my 3-year old had been pondering several different recent conversations and observations. We were driving home from a shopping trip when he exhibited he was a solid realist.

"I've been thinking," he began. "I think I'm going to get just a little bit of coal in my stocking."

"Why?" I asked quite startled that he'd think such a thing.

"Well, because sometimes I have a little bit of trouble listening. So I think I might get a lot of toys and then just a little bit of coal."


Barbara said...

How adorable is that? You are blessed to be able to share the holidays with child.

Barbara said...

BTW - here via Michele's

Mo said...

Hi Sandy - I'm here from Michelle's. I love having children around me during the holidays. My step daughter is 7, and this is probably her last "Santa" Christmas - it's like I'm reliving my childhood through her!

Carmi said...

What a perceptive little guy! I love this!