Buck Shot

Thoughout various stages of development hearing my child utter variations of one simple word can thrill me like nothing else. The first time Logan said "Mama" as he looked at me and smiled, I melted. The day he said "Mommy, I love you," I nearly cried. I felt like the most special gal on the planet the day he stopped me as we walked together and said "Mommy, you're my best friend."

Then yesterday he added another to the list. I stopped in midst of making dinner to attend to the baby. I left Logan in the kitchen doing what he often does there - arranging his letter magnets in various combinations trying to spell words. There are a few he can do and the rest end up being some mismatched jumble that we try to sound out for him just the same so he learns how to sound out words. He called out to me first "Mommy! Come here!" Then he ran to find me, grabbing my hand as he said "Please come quick! I made something for you. See what I did!"

We followed, Meg, Dad and I. And there it was. In big, bold colored letter magents "MOM."

"See!" my sweet little 32-month old said proudly, "See, I spelled your name!"

And I swelled with pride.

She's been trying to do it almost since the day we brought her home and today Megan finally succeeded. At five and half months old, Megan is sitting on her own. Not for long stretches, mind you, but still its exciting to see her do it. She'll sit with that perfect baby posture - spine straight and proud - until she sees something she wants and the act of lunging for it throws off her balance. The first time she did it today she sat on Logan's bed. She sat long enough for me to grab my camera and take more than enough photos of this simple, yet thrilling feat. After about two minutes she slumped to a tripod pose and then popped herself upright again before leaning on her right hand a bit longer. She did it again throughout the afternoon and evening. Looking up above her is enough to tip her over, as is reaching for something just beyond her grasp. . .but she can sit long enough for me to document it as a major acomplishment. ;)

I'm sick of snow. I'm sick of being sick. I'm sick of cold weather. There, I whined and now I feel better.

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