If its in there, its down here

There are simply too many miscellaneous thoughts floating in my brain tonight. Sure, its going to be a rather ad hoc posting, but sometimes a weary body just needs a senseless brain dumb.

Daddy's red face
Yesterday instead of going to art class, Logan and I spent our quality time at the doctor's and running errands. One of our tasks included purchasing new underwear for Daddy. Upon leaving the catalog counter of the department store (which is another story in and of itself) I explained to Logan what was next on our task list.

Logan, forever looking for a reason to ask me "why", inquired as to why his father needed new garments. And I did my best to give him a good response in the vein of "because he does."

"He doesn't have any underwear?" Logan asked incredulously. I assured him that Daddy did indeed have underwear already.

Then my dear, sweet boy asked in his loudest, most attention grabbing voice, "What underwear is Daddy wearing now? He wearing your underwears Mommy?"

Poor Daddy.

Speaking of returns
For Christmas my parents gave me a gift certificate for clothes at Talbots. I decided to use it to buy something nice to wear for Easter. After many an outfit tried and discarded I ended up a floral print skirt in soft greens and blues, paired with a pale spring green top.

Last weekend I decided that if I was to make Logan wear a tie to church on Sunday, Daddy must wear a tie on church on Sunday. But Daddy doesn't have a need for clothing that goes well with ties since he works in a corporate casual environment. No fear. I have a knack for ordering bundles of things online. And so I did.

While I was at it I picked out a pair of heeled slingbacks in pale spring green. Now never in my life have I ever owned a pair of shoes that weren't "practical" in color. I've had brown, navy blue, white, cream and taupe. Never anything that I couldn't wear more than once. . .well except for that one time I got a pair of teal-ish green suede boots from my manager at the shoe store for Christmas.

I was so excited about these shoes. It was a chance to be fun. To have something completely non-sensible in my wardrobe. Really a pair of shoes I could wear with one outfit. How often were they emerging from the box?

The big box arrived on Wednesday with Bruce's outfit and my shoes. I couldn't wait to see them. I popped open the box, pushed aside a hopefully truly wrinkle-free shirt, dug beneath navy blue slacks and found my box. Wiggled out of my thick sock so I could slip my foot into this find and then with a deflated humpf of my foot, wiggled my toes back down into the sock again.

They sent black.

So on Thursday we returned them to the store. The gal offered to reorder them for me but I was declined. I wanted them for the weekend and wouldn't get them in time. Instead we made our way to my least favorite shoe store - the discount chain. Logan asked me what I was looking for and I told him as we moved into the section with my size: green shoes.

"These are pretty! You get these?" he said.

And they were. Not only were they cute, they were the perfect color - the exact shade of my shirt. So we did get them.

That warm weather is coming!
Its official the warmth of spring and summer is around the bend. Today Logan and I set-up our Burpee "ultimate growing sytem." It sits here next to my computer on the table-turned-desk that typically exists under clutter. This room is perfect - the temperature in here is set independent of the rest of the house so I can keep it warmer than we like to sleep in normally. The room has three walls of large windows letting in oodles of light. And its easy for Logan and I to monitor the progress of our two varieties of tomatoes and some sort of flower I get inspired to buy at the time but can't recall for the life of me now.

Its coming - my garden is coming. I can't wait. I'm also going to give Watermelon a go this year, plus another go at pumpkins. I may regret it when there's an big orange ball sitting amongst my cucumbers or carrots.

I'm freakin' tired and yet because I felt unable to get 5 minutes to myself all day, I sit here at the computer letting nonsensical babble pour from my fingers. Well that and Megan woke up yelling moments ago and so I also sit with her asleep on my shoulder.

good night!

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