Well at least we know he listens. . .sometimes

Every time we get near a street or parking lot with Logan we issue the same warning -Hold hands. Look both ways. We don't play in the street because its dangerous. You have to watch for cars.

Today we ran over to Grandma's house to let out the dog and feed her dinner. Gram and Papa are away for a birthday trip and my brother is working late late late tonight catering an office dinner party. That left the three of us on dog duty.

As we walked back down the driveway to our van, Gram and Papa's neighbor G ran over to say hi to Logan. G is about 12 years old and he loves showing off in front of the little ones. He was out playing basketball at the net cemented in the ground in front of his house.

Logan stared at G intently. He watched the ball bounce up and down as G played at pushing the ball to the ground between his legs, behind him and so on. Satisfied he had fully impressed a 2 year old, G ran back to his net.

"Stop! No! Don't do that!" yelled Logan. "Its dangerous!"

G did stop. He turned in the middle of the road and looked at Logan. "Don't do what little man?" he said, amused that this little kid was scolding him.

"Don't play in the street G!" warned Logan. "Its dangerous. A car can come through here and you'll get squished!"

Guess it only seems like we're talking to ourselves.

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