Where does it come from?

So my kid is a smart ass. Wonder where that trait came from?

As I was attempting to scan email to see if a work project had come through for tonight the little imp stood in the doorway to our multi-purpose room demanding I come play with him in his most whiney of voices.

"I can't play right this second," I said after my third or fourth attempt at "In a minute." And then I told him why.

"But I want to play wif you now!" he said, stomping his foot.

"Logan, sometimes I have to do things that aren't about you or with you or for you. Sometimes I have to do things for me!" I snapped at him a bit annoyed at this point.

He huffed. He snickered. Then he said "But it *is* all about me!"

God love him. This boy will some day drive his wife insane.

Another example of this trait he's portraying in earnest lately -- I took him to the Ped today to have his ear checked. The doctor gave the run down of typical questions:

- Had he had a fever?...No
- Is he vomiting?...No
- Runny nose, wheezey, hoarse?....No, no and ah, no.
- Did he have a cold recently?...Nope.
- Why do you think he has an ear infection?
Well because he's more high maintenance than usual and, well, he told me so.

Doctor said "He told you what?"
I said "He told me his right ear hurt."

The doctor put Logan up on the table and peeked in his right ear. "Hmupf" he said. He told L to turn his head so he could look in the left ear.

And Logan said "But you don't have to look in my left ear. Its just my right ear that hurts."

Doctor looked anyway and he looked down L's throat, up his nose. And he listened to his chest for good measure.

"Well, lungs are clear. Left ear is clear. His right ear is inflamed and a bit red. He's starting to develop an infection in that ear." said the doctor.

And Logan said to Dr. D, "See, I told you!"

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Melessa said...

Oh Logan! You make me laugh! At least he can tell you his ear hurts, and in my opinion, the Dr. deserved a little 'I told you so.'

By the way, Natalie was a very early talker too and I understand that mixed blessing and annoyance that comes with a toddler who is all too good at expressing himself.

I hope today was better.