Siblings will be siblings

It starts young doesn't it. The whole face making, she's looking at me funny, stop touching me, style of sibling rivlary. My two are practicing for the real thing, although at times the big one has been known to shout "She's touching me! I don't want her to touch me!" Ah, but that's a post for another time. . .

Moments before I took this photo they had been looking at each other making these faces. Now granted the whole tongue sticking out thing is a marvelous trick Grandma taught Megan. The baby will now do it as soon as she sees my mother and then she'll laugh hysterically at her own little joke. Logan likes to get in her face and stick his tongue out trying to get her to mimic him. This morning she did.

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And yes, my daughter is wearing a hand-me-down sleeper care of her big brother. See my earlier series of "confessions" in which I already mentioned my tendancy to do this despite the old people in town that would have me strung up from a tree for putting her in something that wasn't pink or drenched in flowers.

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