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My neice is working on a Masters in Speech Therapy - at least I think that's what the degree would be in. She's currently working on a project that requires her to listen to young children speak specific sounds. She and her professor/advisor will study tapes of these children and then document an assessment which leads to a written study. She's asked us if Logan can be one of her subjects and as such, he very happily is.

Cousin sent over cards that contain sounds typically acquired in the 5-7 year old age range. We tape Logan saying these words. If he can't enunciate them properly that's fine because at this age he isn't expected to. If he can well that's fine too; Cousin just works that into her paper. Logan did say most of them fairly clearly. In part this is borne out of familiarity -- one card bears his most favorite food in the entire world, Cheese -- and the others fairly common in the course of our week.

Some of the images gave him trouble though because it bore a word he wasn't quite familiar with. For example, the word crutches just wouldn't stick in his head. We even played our own little "$10,000 Pyramid" game trying to get him to say it. "What do you use when you hurt your leg and can't walk?"

And he'd say as he pointed to the card, "Those things."

Then there was this one - the one that brought out Logna's inner wise ass:

"Logan what's this?" as I hold up a picture of a witch that bore the word "witches." (Yes, one witch in the image for multiple witches)

Logan would say "Witch."

"Right ok, but what do we say if there are more than one witch?" I'd urge him on, willing him to say the word printed on the card so we could move on to the next.

"We say there are two of them!" He answered happily. And who can argue that?

And for what its worth, according to the boy that hasn't met a beef patty he didn't hate, the term is now "Cheese-hamburger."

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