Smack forehead now

I finally got off my tukus and pitched another story idea. It's not the one that I've been pondering longest because frankly that one takes more effort. I'd have to print that one out and mail it in. No, this was something different because I knew I could just email it. I could write it and hit send BEFORE I chickened out. Something to get over this initial threshold of whatever it is that has been holding me back - laziness? Esteem? Overwhelming desire to just not work for a moment?

I sit now, though, with two separate thoughts bouncing through my head:

a) She'll never accept this idiotic idea because it sucks and its likely been beaten to death.

b) She will accept this idea and I'm just screwed because I can't even begin to think of where to start finding experts to interview.

Someone just smack me in the forehead now.

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