Two Truths and a Lie

When I was in High School I belonged to a peer education group called TEAM. In a nutshell, we big kids went to elementary and Junior High classes to talk about the perils of drinking and drug use. Each year we'd go through training. My first year I was trained. My second year I trained. My third and fourth year I planned training. I learned a lot about leadership this way. . .and I learned a whole lot of ice breakers.

In my professional life I've planned a lot of meetings. I'm dying to get to do a training one day - at least to plan a training. When I do there is one particular ice breaker I want to work in. Its called "two truths and a lie." Its very simple - each person must tell two things about him/herself that are true and one that is a lie. The goal is to trick the group, to make your truths so beyond mundane that its hard to pick out the lie. In doing this, of course, you learn more about your peers as actual people and not the roles they play in the environment you know them. It's like finding out my boss is a HUGE Harley Davidson fan complete with obscene bumper stickers. This is true and totally not what one would expect if you saw him.

But chances are I'm not going to get to plan a training that allows me to sneak in my fun little game because any training I ever do have to work on will require me to outsource all the fun parts to some overpriced guru.

But I do have a blog.

And so I'm going to play my little game here on my blog and whether or not anyone else plays along is besides the point. I will leave my two truths and my lie right here in cyber black and white (or whatever color font my blog appears in lately).

1. I completed my BA in Communications in just three years.
2. I once owned the entire collection of Garbage Pail Kid trading cards.
3. My first published article appeared when I was just 10 years old.

If you feel like playing - take a guess at what is what. If anyone bites I'll post the answers the next time it occurs to me to do so. ;) And while you're at it, leave behind two truths and a lie yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'll play.........I say 1 is the lie.

As for me let's see.......
1. I have gone swimming in red Jello.
2. I have never eaten a banana.
3. I once seriously injured myself swimming (in water).

Christy said...

I guess #1 as well. I mean, really, who DIDN'T have the complete set of Garbage Pail Kids? :)

Here are mine:
1. I skipped second grade.
2. I've broken a different bone in my body every five years.
3. I was the mascot for my high school.


Ok, I say it's either definately 2, you are so industrious I can see you accomplishing either, and Garbage Patch Kids I have a problem with the dates on them, I could be wrong. Here's mine.

1. I am heir to a large sum of money due to family fortune.

2. I was at age 22 a Page Six swimsuit model.

3. I own over 400 Barbie dolls all new in boxes.

Mandy said...

Sandy, I think #2 is the lie.

Anonymous, I don't even know you, but I think the Jello is the lie.

Christy, I think you weren't the school mascot,

Crazy mama, I think you are not heir to a fortune (only because i would be jealous then)

Here are mine:
1. I was a cheerleader in high school.

2. I had 2 full scholarships to attend college.

3. I was once almost fluent in a foreign language.

thatgirl said...

1. I was a cheerleader for nine years.

2. I was felt up by a girl at a rock show.

3. I attended a bachelor party --not the bachelorette party -- for a wedding.

I say #1.

spudgirl said...

1. I saw Grease over 30 times in a movie theater
2. I've never played spin the bottle
3. I've never been further north than Idaho.