Dear Sales Gal

Ok, little Miss Stride-Rite Sales girl, let me explain something to you. Buy one, get one half off is not a good sale if I don't need one, let alone two, pairs of children's shoes. The boy's foot is size 7.5. Its been sized 7.5 for months now. His current pairs of shoes are sized 7.5. I do not need to buy a new pair of shoes in said size NOR do I need to stock up on the next size since by the time we need a size 8 the styles will have rolled over again and we can get even niftier 'flashy' feet (also known as, sneakers with lights that blink on and off with every step the boy takes.)

So, High-school-aged-girl-with-no-child, let me explain something. I came in to have you measure the boy's foot to see if he was just being a pain in my butt this morning or where his shoes really getting small. The butt won. Your commission didn't.

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