- I watch America Idol and actually find myself cheering for contestants. I'm embarrased to admit I even voted once (not this season, at least yet.) However, I've yet to stoop low enough to go out and buy the winners' CDs.

- Tonight my daughter is in bed sleeping in a baby-blue "boys'" sleeper that was once her brother's. Somewhere in town there is that little old man from the mall thinking nasty thoughts about me for this fashion faux pas.

- I bought an extra bag of jelly beans for the "Bunny house" Logan and I decorated today just so I could have the leftovers. (Bunny house being akin to Gingerbread House.)

- I once drove all the way home from work listening to the Wiggles -- without a child present. Then again, I was on the cell phone and not really paying attention to what was on, which brings me to the next confession:

- Sometimes I talk on my cell while driving without my hands-free contraption connected. Shh, its a law that I'm breaking now. Dang it!

- Once when I was about 8, I found a pack of gum and kept it even though the real owner was walking around asking if anyone had found it.

- I recently sat through an entire rerun of Melrose Place. To be fair, I spent the vast majority of it asking myself what the heck I had been thinking when I watched it faithfully the first time around.

- I sometimes think about setting myself up for ambush on "What Not to Wear" just to get $5000 worth of new clothes that are actually going to look good on me.

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Mandy said...

See my shaking finger? Shame on you! :)