Black Cloud

Did you ever have one of those days where it just seems nothing can make you happy - where everything that comes across your path is just put there to piss you off? I had one of those days yesterday.

Perhaps it was not sleeping the night before.

Maybe it was a 2 1/2 year old that was beyond cranky and demanding, who later announced that his right ear hurt and he needed to go see his doctor to get special medicine.

Maybe it was just the pressure of completing work projects for the "teacher's pet" despite the fact that the pet can't seem to provide the information needed to complete the task.

Maybe it was helping my mother cope with her difficult brother and the necessary clean-up/organization required to move him out of his current house and into the apartment in the assisted living place - DESPITE his extreme snotty ungratefulness.

Maybe it was the continued need to plan how to explain death to a, hopefully by then, at least three year old.

Maybe it was the incredibly ill dog of mine and her mountain of pills and medical bills.

Maybe it was the weather.

Maybe it was other garbage from the work front.

Maybe it was knowing that despite this black cloud mood, B's job is demanding more hours and so it was likely to be another late night leaving me to deal with the crankiness of myself and two children.

Maybe it was a teething baby. (And if this tooth doesn't break soon I think I may scream with Meg.)

Maybe it was all the other crap.

Whatever it was, yesterday sucked.

Today better be better.

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Mandy said...

I am so sorry you had such a rotten day and I wish I were there to whisk you away for a coffee and a chat while our children run themselves ragged (well the 2 that run, that is). Today will have to be better and if it isn't then there is Saturday to look forward to!