Things we've learned. . .

- Now that Megan can sit up straight we realize that she's not just a series of chins connected to her shoulders. The girl has a real neck! (AND, its tippy free! Bye-bye wry neck!!)

- Sadly, its becoming clear that Megan will also never have teeth - or so it seems. I swear it feels like the girl has been teething for months without a tooth to show for it. She seems to be getting more mouthy with everything in sight and MUCH more drooly. One can hope this means that silly thing sprouts soon.

- Since its decidedly impossible that Megan will never cut a tooth, apparently the real lesson is that I have no clue what teething looks like until AFTER the tooth arrives.

- There is nothing good on TV at 4am.

- Gray, rainy days make people cranky, cranky, cranky.

- Its not wise to pay for send two pieces of certified mail if only have a $20. The postal worker will say to you "Don't you have anything smaller?!" in her most snotty of voices. (see above.)

- A two-and-half year old can toss one doozy of a tantrum for no damn good reason at all other than he felt like it.

- If a baby wakes up at 4am only Mom will hear her.

- The same baby will refuse to burp until after you put her down meaning your both back up at 5am.

- If Google searches leading to my blog are to be believed, there are a whole lot of Weight Watchers people out there craving peeps and wanting to know how many points they are. IF you're one, I used to know and I'm sure its in an archive file somewhere.

- Apparently there are also a lot of folks looking for chocolate covered peeps based on the same measure. I am too - those things are good!


expatmama said...

Sandy, ElĂ­as will be nine months old on April 5th and he still hasn't gotten any teeth! I think at least one is imminent, though, because yesterday and today he has been really miserable.

Melessa said...

They had chocolate covered Peeps this year and I missed them?! Oh well, it's probably for the best.