Hit and run

There's a lot of talk about the "Mommy-drive-by" in the world of blogs lately. Getupgrrl got people talking about it. Moxie got people sharing their worst moments (perhaps drive-by invoking). Julie even got accused of it. And this recurring theme crossed my mind this morning as a well-bundled woman rushed her equally well-bundled daughter into the pediatrician's office this morning. Now frankly, its cold here. Temperatures are hovering just above freezing. Being all bundled up is not a bad thing. But nonetheless, I got myself a stare for not being properly attired myself and for carrying an infant from the building sans coat and hat.

My little gal has herself an ear infection, apparently, and so rightfully so we went into the doctor to have her checked out (although I *thought* we were going because of her nasty habit of puking her guts out this morning.) By the time we were called into the exam room, Meg was over-tired, mildly hungry and feeling generally crappy I'd assume. She ate a bit as a waited and managed to keep every single bit of it down. She started to drift to sleep JUST as the doctor came in and started poking at her. Not a happy gal. Not. At. All.

Now, add to that the simple fact that Miss Thing HATES being in that darn infant carrier when she's a) awake and/or b) not moving. She had already entertained the waiting room with her rendition of "child screaming loud enough to pop eardrums." I wasn't willing to allow her an encore by getting her back into the car-seat/carrier in the office when I could just keep the joy of the sound to myself in the car.

I also didn't get her in her coat since her coat was still at home hanging on her wall. Megan had fallen asleep just as we were about to leave the house and I had sort of hoped if I didn't jostle her too much she'd remain asleep. I got her buckled in and then piled on the blankets. She was toasty and cozy. Woke briefly to protest her captivity in that darn carrier and then drifted back to sleep.

Granted I could have wrapped her in her quilt before walking outside but I didn't feel coordinated enough to do so without launching an onslaught of baby screeches. I had 16+ pounds of cranky infant in one arm, a diaper bag loaded with goodies over the shoulder and a car seat with a hefty quilt and a wool baby blanket. The van was parked literally *just* outside the door. So I walked fast, but not fast enough. The well-bundled mother caught me and glared. I'm sure had I not been moving at the speed of light she may have had taken a moment to mutter loudly something to the effect of "Poor baby out without a coat or hat in this weather - no wonder why she's ill." To which I'd have to mouth off "Oh, please. You and your old wives tale. Germs make you sick not cold air. Apparently the coat and hat did nothing for your kid since you're here at the doctor's office too at a time when they aren't taking well-visits."

If we're being honest, however, I'm not sure what is bothering me more - the look that mommy-drive-by-wanna-be shot me, or the fact that I feel compelled to explain myself on my blog.

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Cath said...

I would have done the same thing, don't eat yourself up about it. Hope your little ones feeling better soon!