So it begins. . .

On February 9th the little man and I (with sister and Grandma in tow) will head over to preschool for a tour. Of course, he knows the facility. He knows the classrooms intimately, actually. The preschool he'll attend in roughly 7 months is run through our church. Logan has class in one of their rooms every Sunday morning.

Its not a "church" program, although our church runs it. They are certified by the State and often maintain a waiting list of non-members vying for a spot. You tell someone where he's going to go and they say to you "Oh, very nice!"

But to Logan, preschool is a forgeign concept. We tell him he'll get to go and play with the blocks, the sandbox, the paints. We talk about story time and art time. We talk about making friends and learning all sorts of neat things. He likes the theory of it. . . just not enough to push through to complete potty training.

As a church member we can sign up for the '05-'06 year beginning February 27th. We've been talking about sending him to school there for two years and now the time has finally come to sign the papers and hand over a check. It seems almost surreal. My little boy is going to go to school. I'm going to have parent/teacher nights to go to. We're going to get progress reports. He's going to make friends I've not hand-picked for him. (Ok, that one is scary!)

This tour next week is during school hours. They'll bring him into a classroom and let him see what the 'big' kids do. He'll get to witness real school. Not playtime in the church nursery during the week...not his Sunday School class where his teenaged teacher typically just lets them have at the blocks and art supplies without much in the way of "class" focus.

He loves learning and we've done quite a bit of it on our own - I mean outside of your typical growing up stuff. He's learned his colors, his numbers, his letters, some basic history and geography. He knows to write his name. He knows to spell and read a few words. He knows a lot of stuff, but he wants to be in a classroom with other kids and I want him to be there too. He'll go two days a week for just 2.5 hours at a time. I'm so excited for him!

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